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Location Photography

We travel the length & breadth of the country with a van full of  high end photographic & lighting kit to give our clients the very best in location based photography. People, products, architecture & interiors are our day to day work. Higher education, hospitality and logistics form a large part of this. 


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Studio Photography

We have great links with some of the best studios in the Midlands & Worcestershire. Having this flexibility means we can take on any job large or small and offer the best rates and most flexible solutions to the client without being tied to it while we’re out on location. We regularly work on room sets, product and people photography in the studio. We also regularly set up studio style shoots at clients premises. This can make life more cost effective for the client, negating time out of the business for key staff and shipping costs of products (space permitting of course).


Room Set Photography

From initial design through to build, lighting, styling & shoot. We know our stuff when it comes to room set photography. Large or small we can help you get exactly what you need with minimal faff & optimum results. Over the years we've provided room sets for clients such as Karndean Design Flooring, Wolseley Group, Hans Grohe, Baxi-Valor-Wonderfire and VW finance. With plenty of experience in supplying images that require real flames or hot running water. 

Before and After

Lighting and post production

This is all about the way we work. This simple before and after perfectly depicts the difference between an ambient light shot taken at the start of the shoot, muddy, flat and lack lustre and a lit, fully retouched finished version as sent to the client. Eight lights were used in total in this shot. Three from outside to emphasise the low light and set the tone. Then each area of the shot has its own light to perfectly show the detail, colour, shape and textures that really make this shot sing. The image is then taken through several stages of post production from colour and tonal tweaks in Capture One Pro then through to the final stages in Photoshop. It's never a case of levels and curves adjustments for me. I layer up the image and treat as a hand print pulling out texture and detail in localised shadow & highlight areas. Lastly the retouch. This involves removing any visible glitches or defects in the image that might distract the viewer. The resulting image has great colour density, texture you can almost feel, and a quality of light that gives the whole shot character even though its effectively an empty bar.          

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